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Gloria Gandara-Thomas, known as Golly Gandara, gave her life to Jesus during the beginning of her modeling career. She was born from a Catholic family and her family never heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ until she was the age of 25. At the time she had four TV commercials running, and billboards for the international campaign Acapulco Mas Cerca Que Nunca, that made her know all over the world. Her photo with a tiny bikini was on all of the aiplane magazines of the world. Besides modeling, she participated on a James Bond Movie on a three minute clip driving Timothy Dalton, as the main actress did not know how to drive a boat.

Besides that, she used to own a very successful telecommunication company with her mother and step father, and she owned a Spanish school while in England. During that time she dated Mexican celebrities and was featured every weekend in the national newspaper El Heraldo De Mexico. She was also featured in the social pages of Vogue Magazine Mexico. When Gloria gave her life to Jesus, she was dating the President of Mexico's son, and she decided to follow Jesus and start a new life as a Christian. She now owns an RV dealership alongside her husband.

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After receiving Jesus, Gloria left the affluent Mexican celebrity life and was dedicated to attend her local church every every day, and to take all the Bible lessons Comuinidad Crisitian de Acapulco had. Seven years later, she embarked to Bible college in Dallas, Texas, where she was ordained and licensed under Christ For The Nations. She graduated and is finishing her Bachelor degree at Valor Christian College, Liberal Arts with emphasis on Pastoral Care.

She traveled the world preaching the Gospel and she shared her personal testimony all across her country, while her billboards and TV commercial were still playing. One of the events that catapulted her into full time ministry was the encounter she had with the Holy Spirit. She was attending a conference when she was only six months in Christ, and the glory cloud of God’s Shekinah touched her, and left Gloria shaking with no movement in the top of her body.

During her ministry Gloria prayed and presided over thousands of people. She received messages that the prophetic words Gloria has given had been powerfully accurate, and people have been healed from diseases while Gloria prayed over them.



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